Making choices in the face of adversity

I really want to keep this blog fitness related so I’ve been umming and arring if I should write this post.

Without going into details, I’ve had a few experiences over the course of the last week and bleeding in to this week that have mentally, emotionally and physically drained me. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my ability to overcome adversity.

Suffice it to say I’ve made it through.

It made me reevaluate everything I’ve been doing over the last couple of years. And I’ve realised that I’ve unknowingly engineered my own unhappiness of late. I decided to write about it because I know there’s a lot of you who also struggle on the daily and just can’t seem to break out of that funk.

See when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But what if you don’t have a glass?

This is where most people are when it comes to making choices. They quickly look for a problem thus preventing them from actually making a decision.  I know that there are some problems where there is no straightforward choice and compromise is required.  That’s why it’s important to be mindful of these things when faced with a choice.

Because that’s what life is sometimes, a series of choices.

Let’s start making better choices, shall we?

Step 1 – Do we need to make a choice in the first place?

When faced with a situation where a choice seems inevitable, it’s quite normal to have an either/or mentality.  Most neglect to opt or recognise option 3, no action/choice.  Using exercise as an example, often the choice is, ‘should I or shouldn’t I go to the gym today’?

In this scenario, the ‘good’ choice would be to go to the gym, right?  And the ‘bad’ choice would be to not go to the gym.  However, there’s no harm if you were to skip the gym for one day (and if you exercise elsewhere then that would be in place of the gym in this scenario).

The only harm would be if you were to stop going all together.

Step 2 – Does choosing to do/act improve your life?

I’m making an assumption here that most people reading are pro ‘better life’.  So if this isn’t you, keep reading but you might just disagree with everything you read.

When we act we generally do something that benefits us in some way.  It benefits our family, our health, our sense of moral goodness or even just addresses anyone of our needs/wants.  However, when wants and needs are at opposing ends of the spectrum our minds are at odds with itself.

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